100 Photographs That Changed The World

ISBN          9781931933841
Sizes         22,8 x 27,6 cm
Pages       176 | 100 illustrations | English edition
Cover        hardcover
Publisher  Gordon Parks | 2003

28,00 €

The famous images – the lwo Jima flag-raising, Dorothea Lange's chronicle of the Dust Bowl – are here, as are the surprising pictures: DNA, the Wanted poster, the Dead Sea Scrolls, Bonnie and Clyde.
Each of them altered the way we thought, felt and acted. As Gordon Parks writes in his moving Introduction to this LIFE commemorative, ‘I have come to believe that no art form transforms human apathy quicker than photography. Having absorbed the message of a memorable photograph, the viewer's sense of compassion and newfound wisdom come together like two lips touching’.