Lives of the Great Photographers

ISBN          9780500544440
Sizes         18,5 x 24,5 cm
Pages       304 | 110 images | English edition
Cover        hardcover
Publisher  Thames & Hudson | 2015

29,00 €

While certain photographs have become world-famous images indelibly printed on the cultural consciousness, the stories on the other side of the lens have been all too often distorted, obfuscated or overlooked, the social and political environments misunderstood or forgotten.
By evoking the lives and backgrounds of nearly forty great photographers, Juliet Hacking also brings new light to their work, forging a greater understanding of each photographic pioneer. In addition, many rarely seen portraits and self-portraits are brought to light.
Seen together, these entries form a holistic examination that, while drawing attention to the contributions of each individual, adroitly guides the reader through the major innovations, movements and developments in the history of photography with authority, dexterity and zeal.
Bound in a single compact and portable volume, Lives of the Great Photographers is one of those rare examples where engaging reading meets beau livre.
With entries on Edward Steichen – Roy Decarava – Julia Margaret Cameron – Claude Cahun – Edweard Muybridge – Robert Capa – László Moholy-Nagy – André Kertész – Margaret Bourke-White – Bill Brandt – Irving Penn – Robert Doisneau – Man Ray – Alfred Stieglitz – Brassaï – Ansel Adams – Charles Ludwige Dodgson – Eugène Atget – Henri Cartier-Bresson – Roger Fenton – Albert Renger-Patzsch – Edaward Weston – Gustave Le Gray – Madame Yevonde – Peter Henry Emerson – Richard Avedon – Clementina Maude – Viscountess Hawarden – Paul Strand – Hannah Höch – Nadar – Robert Mapplethorpe – Shomei Tomatsu – Manuel Alvares Bravo – Walker Evans – Norman Parkinson – Diane Arbus – August Sander – Alexander Rodchenko