Lenke Szilagyi

ISBN          9789638641953
Sizes         24 x 28 cm
Pages       192 | Hungarian/English/German edition
Cover        hardcover
Publisher  Ernst Muzeum Budapest | 2004

29,00 €

Expo: Collegium Hungaricum, Berlin, 2004 | Ernst Muzeum, Budapest, 2004

Lenke Szilágyi made name in the 1980s as a wayward photographer. Although her work looks spontaneous, it is often about registering a performance.
The fate of man is central to her photography. In a sharp black-and-white contrast, she documents fleeting, almost impossible to capture moments of human existence. The melancholic result emphasizes the loneliness and loss of the individual.
This can easily be seen as implicit criticism of life in a system focused on socialism. Yet Szilágyi was consciously never politically active. 'Struggle and dogmatism are alien to my personality', says the photographer. 'If I have to choose a side, then that of culture and tolerance.'