ISBN          9789401437653
Sizes         30 x 23 cm
Pages       168 | 79 color images | English edition
Cover        hardcover
Publisher  Lannoo & Roberto Polo Gallery | 2016

28,00 €

Bert Danckaert travels the world in search of compelling pictures that strike the right balance between pure abstraction and stilled urban metaphors ‘By titling this new series ‘Horizon’, Danckaert establishes a rich and evocative metaphor. A horizon is an illusory line, not a real one. It is unattainable, since it moves away from us as we approach it, yet it divides everything we see into two categories: that which touches the earth’s surface and that which does not. The horizon has no materiality. It is not a thing or a place but an idea – the idea of separation between earth and sky and as such, it represents the limit of what we can see or even imagine’ Text: Alison Nordström