No more no less

ISBN          9789079881437
Sizes         28 x 35,5 cm
Pages       248 | English edition
Cover        hardcover
Publisher  Vision Publishers

68,00 €

Music is one of the great passions of the Belgian photographer Bernaded Dexters (1958). For 35 years she attended countless music groups around the world, from the greatest of the earth to niche artists: PRINCE, DAVID BOWIE, GEORGE CLINTON, PATTI SMITH, NIRVANA, BECK, PJ HARVEY, NICK CAVE, DEUS, SCREAMIN 'JAY HAWKINS, WUTANG CLAN, WIZARDS OF OOZE, THE PALADINS ...
Se shows with the retrospective No More, No Less, coupled with the launch of this book, about 35 years of analog music photography.