Gilbert Fastenaekens

ISBN          9782930115153
Sizes         30,5 x 27 cm
Pages       168 | 130 images | French/Dutch edition
Cover        softcover
Publisher  ARP2 Editions | 2010

39,00 €

Bruxelles, d'un siècle à l'autre. Reconduction photographique
Brussel, van de ene eeuw naar de andere. Herfotografie

Re-photography is to take a new picture that corresponds with an older picture, in which the original point, the camera setting and other parameters such as the season, the light, the focal length ... be respected as much as possible.
This protocol, typical of photography and applied to all environments, is a way to look consciously to familiar locations - in this case the Brussels landscapes - and to get a grip on complex, sometimes spectacular, sometimes inconspicuous phenomena that make them change. Rephotography means curiosity, to understand by watching, and not a priori nostalgic choice for a lost world.
From more than 1600 scanned postcards of Brussels, from 1890 to 1928, 300 were selected and re-photographed. The first criterion for this selection was the photographic quality. The second the documentary value. This 'couple' images belong today to the collection of the City Archives.
This book contains 65 of those couples. They do reflect the different criteria Gilbert Fastenaekens used: sometimes it was the quality of the picture, sometimes a detail, an irregularity, a surprise ... but they all follow the photographic protocol that is the basis of this mission.