Horror Vacui
Fotografie en de lege stad / Photography and the deserted city
Gabriele Basilico, Jan Kempenaers, Aglaia Konrad

ISBN          9789077302019
Sizes         24 x 19 cm
Pages       92 | NL/E
Cover        softcover
Publisher  De Witte Zaal | 2003

26,00 €

Expo: De Witte Zaal, Gent, 2003

Metropolises are commonly associated with bustle and masses of people, but in photography the motif of the empty and deserted city recurs regularly.
In this book, Steven Jacobs gives a thorough account of the creation of this photographic image. He shows that the predilection for urban emptiness can be traced back to a variety of sources. For example, emptiness can be caused by major demolition programmes, the devastation of war, natural disasters or the thinning of the contemporary urban fabric.
However, emptiness can also be the result of the technical limitations of the medium or all manner of aesthetic approaches: a photo may for example refer to the clear simplicity of an architectural drawing, create a play of abstract forms, or evoke a sublime horror, solitude and alienation.
In addition to this essay, which traverses about 150 years of photographic history, there is also a look at the way three contemporary European photographers (Gabriele Basilico, Jan Kempenaers and Aglaia Konrad) handle the motif of the empty city.