Jacques Henri Lartigue
L’élégance photographique 1910-1914

ISBN          9782757211328
Sizes         21,3 x 23 cm
Pages       87 | French edition
Cover        softcover
Publisher  Somogy | 2016

21,00 €

Marianne Le Galliard takes a new look at the beginnings of Jacques Henri Lartigue's photography.
At the beginning of the 20th century, the Parisian woman walking in the Bois de Boulogne symbolizes the quintessence of elegance. It is this momentum of life that draws everything in her path. Fascinated by the latest fashion news, sports exploits, illustrated newspapers and filmed news, Lartigue assembles and organizes his photographs in albums.
As in a film, the movements follow in sequence: slips, jumps, yaws and slips. These album pages offer a funny and lively show, with a constantly renewed instantaneity.

Marianne Le Galliard's essay, based on a rare and meticulous knowledge of the albums of Lartigue, to which the author had privileged access, reveals the essentially dynamic nature, the true invention of photographic elegance.