ISBN          1873108303
Sizes         24 x 31 cm
Pages       48 | English edition
Cover        softcover
Publisher  Talbot Rice Gallery | 2001

28,00 €

Expo: Talbot Rice Gallery, University of Edinburgh & BCA Boukamel Gallery, London, 2001

The Aerographica Partnership (Patricia + Angus Macdonald) specializes in environmental research, record and interpretation of the history and present condition of the natural heritage (including the earth heritage) and of cultural landscapes, mainly using aerial photography and environment-related aerial art projects. Its aerial imagery is exhibited, published and held in public and private collections internationally, in both fine-art and editorial contexts.

The Aerographica Partnership benefits from the combination of this broad academic expertise with operational experience of aerial photography since 1984 (with its own light aircraft since 1992). It carries out commissioned and self-generated environmental work from a sound basis of research. It maintains the substantial Aerographica Archive of more than 150,000 aerial images of Scotland, other parts of the UK and Europe, and North Africa, across the full spectrum of cultural landscapes from semi-natural to cityscape, and with an emphasis on natural and earth heritage.

Essay by Professor Duncan Macmillan, Curator, Talbot Rice Gallery.