You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet
Music & photography

ISBN          9789401409544
Sizes         28 x 25 cm
Pages       216
Cover        softcover
Publisher  Lannoo | 2013

18,00 €

A new look at music photography from 1990 to the present day.\nExhibiton at FotoMuseum Antwerpen 28.06.2013 - 6.10.2013

The love affair between music and photography dates back many years. Pop and rock artists use top photographers to put a face on their music. And notwithstanding the music world’s many troubles over the past two decades, the link between sound and image is stronger than ever. You Ain''t Seen Nothing Yet displays the work of highly individual and original photographers: intimate behind-the-scenes views of the music world, eccentric group portraits and iconic album cover material. All these photographers share one thing: a love for music. So sit back and enjoy the world of pop and rock through their lenses, because You Ain''t Seen Nothing Yet... The first-ever book in the world with a free online Spotify-soundscape.\nPhotographers: Eva Vermandel (Sigur R�s) – Charlie De Keersmaecker (dEUS, Axelle Red, The Black Box Revelation...) – Oliver Sieber – Daniel Cohen\n// Music and photography: