Far Cry

ISBN          9789727391424
Sizes         25 x 32 cm
Pages       136
Cover        hardcover
Publisher  Steidl | 2005

29,00 €

Expo: Museu de Arte Contemporánea de Serralves, Porto, 2005

Paulo Nozolino only makes black and white photographs and they are dominated by an impossible darkness that seems impenetrable to light.
The photographs were made all over the world — notably in countries of the Arab world — but in the majority of cases it would be difficult to attribute a specific location to them. Photographs from Auschwitz are the decisive exception. Auschwitz appears as the absolute place and time that orientates everything else.
In thirty years of a career as a photographer, Nozolino has constantly intensified his tragic vision of reality: this is visualised in pictures that originate from his own biography and travels; in pictures of men, women and children; in pictures of birth, love making and death. This publication assembles for the first time photographs from Nozolino’s different projects over the years, to form a new narrative, untold until now: the narrative of beginning and ending, and at the same time the narrative of his life’s work.

Text: Ulrich Loock and Rui Nunes