Earthly Bodies

ISBN          9780821227879
Sizes         29,3 x 30 cm
Pages       96 | English edition
Cover        hardcover
Publisher  Metropolitan Museum of Art | 2002

28,00 €

Expo: Metropolitan Museum of Art, 14.01.2002 – 21.04.2002

A departure from Irving Penn's fashion and editorial work for the pages of Vogue , this virtually unknown collection depicts the unfettered form of the female nude.
Famous for insightful portraiture, surprising still life and other commercial work, Irving Penn is less well known as a superb photographer of the female nude.
His most important pictures in this genre were made in 1949-50. The women Penn chose and the ways he viewed them produced nudes that were highly unorthodox by mid-20th century standards – charged with powerful physical and sexual energy yet somehow chaste, they are among the most ambitious and successful nudes ever made.