Sense of Place
Europese landschapsfotografie – Photographie des paysages européens

ISBN          9789491376122
Sizes         29 x 24,5 cm
Pages       280 | – Dutch / French edition
Cover        hardcover
Publisher  Kannibaal | 2012

27,00 €

Expo: Centre for Fine Arts Bozar, Brussels, 2012 – Curator: Liz Wells, University of Plymouth

The concern for the future makes that we are questioning our individual relationship with the environment and that we want to integrate it better in our tradition and history. Still we do live less in the landscape as with the landscape. Sense of Place treats these issues within the context of European photography. With some 160 works by 40 photographers from all Member States of the European Union, this book outlines the diversity of the European landscape. The work is divided into the major regions of North, Central and Mediterranean Europe, and shows how identities are formed by natural environment. The photographers indicate that Europe is not only a political space but also a place that has personal senses for everyone.

curator: Liz Wells, University of Plymouth