ISBN          9783775741248
Sizes         24 x 32 cm
Pages       228 | 215 images | English edition
Cover        hardcover
Publisher  Hatje Cantz

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Andres Serrano (born 1950 in New York) is one of the most celebrated representatives of international contemporary photography and art.
Religion, sexuality, and death are pervasive elements of his oeuvre. Raised as a Catholic in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, there he became curious about the Hasidic community from an early age.
An invitation to Israel also widened his artistic strategy: using a Mamiya RB67 camera, he approached the subject of religious faith via the landscape and the people. He visited sacred sites, Bethlehem, Ramallah, Galilee, and the Dead Sea, coming closer to people step by step, picture by picture, following them through their everyday lives and to celebrations, to ultimately depict the traces of the identity of an entire nation in their faces in intense studio photographs.
Striking testimony captured on film shortly before the resurgence of the Middle East conflict.


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