Shooting Range
Fotografie in de Vuurlinie?

ISBN          9789491775543
Sizes         24,5 x 31 cm
Pages       208
Cover        sofcover
Publisher  MER.Paper Kunsthalle | 2014

39,00 €

Expo: FotoMuseum, Antwerp, 2014

The Great War is the first large-scale conflict recorded with photos and films. The young media appear to possess unprecedented powers: as an all-seeing eye, as a memory, but also as a weapon. Images not only record a conflict, they even play an important role in it. Shooting Range sheds light on how that happened, in a conflict that banned the entire world for four years.
In this exhibition you can see how still images were used in newspapers, magazines, postcards or for military purposes. Propaganda and anti-war films enrich the image of this world conflict. Historical pieces are shown in their original appearance.

Curators: Rein Deslé, Inge Henneman, Maureen Magerman