Stephan Vanfleteren
Il est clair que le gris est noir

ISBN          9789492081414
Sizes         17 x 24 cm
Pages       256 | Duotone images | Dutch edition
Cover        hardcover
Publisher  Hannibal | 2015

39,00 €

Expo: Musée de la Photographie Charleroi, 2015

Impressive visual testament of a city in transition: hard for Charleroi, kind to its residents.
In recent years, Stephan Vanfleteren wandered many days in 'le pays noir'. The photographer has a love-hate relationship with this old industrial city on the river Sambre, where the coal mines are closed for a long time already and where the declining steel industry squeaks under global crisis.
Sometimes Vanfleteren is shocked by the poverty, crime and decay, but then often he is affected by the solidarity, openness and hospitality of the Carolo's.
Charleroi, Il est clair que le gris est noir is not only a document on a city in decline, but also the personal reflections on impressions, thoughts and musings of a man who looks, listens and writes about the black ghost of a gray city.